Who We Are

Chairman: Cleveland Chandler
Vice Chair: Cheryl Farmer
Secretary: Claudia Young
Treasurer: Lyle Tindal
Vice Chair: Fund Raising Frank Lotfian
vice Chair: Outreach Jimmie Wilson
Vice Chair: Membership Jane Stigel
The purpose of the Eastern Washtenaw
Democratic Club is to foster a sense of unity
in Eastern Washtenaw County that assures sustainability, growth, and inclusion among all members of the Democratic Party.


Promote the Democ...

The EWDC will develop issues related to government in the communities of eastern Washtenaw county,supply financial support for the Democratic programs and it's candidates and campaign for their election.


What We Are Here ...

The EWDC will develop issues and programs related to government in the communities of Eastern Washtenaw County, supply financial support for the Democratic program and its candidates, promote candidates and campaign for their election, and provide times and places where Democrats can gather to promote the widest possible participation in the policies, management, and activities of the EWD. Activities will further the purpose of the EWD to promote the growth, welfare and success of the Democratic Party, and to assist in the development of the party platforms of Washtenaw County, the State of Michigan and the United States.



Will work in concert with other committees to ensure timely and accurate dissemination of information pertinent to EWDC members and allies. The communication committee will monitor the EWDC Facebook page and other applicable social media.


How to Become a M...

All residents of the communities of Eastern Washtenaw County are eligible to vote at all EWD general meetings and to participate in all EWD activities, provided they are in sympathy with the general aims and policies of the Democratic Party. A person becomes a member of the EWD for purposes of notification by indicating in writing his or her wish to become a member, and being placed on the membership list! (Notices for meetings are sent via email a week in advance.)



The fundraising committee will identify opportunities and donors in an effort to raise money. This money will allow the organization to conduct business and raise visibility. If you would like to make a donation, please send us an email!


Do We Endorse Cer...

The EWD will endorse no candidates in any primary election. Individual members, officers, Precinct Chairs, and other officials are free to support any candidate of their choice, but must not so act in the name of the EWD or in their official capacities.


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